Milo of Croton

The Interesting Case of The Man Who Became Lodged in a Tree

Milo of Croton was a Hero from the period of Greek Gods and Monsters. A man worshipped as a God by people who travelled the length and breadth of Greece to see these Man Mountains in the flesh.

Our man Milo was very much so something to be admired. Apparently standing at well over 6 foot, this beast of a man had been raised to carry a calve on his back every day of his life until the cow had developed into a fully grown bull.

Milo was known Country-wide for his astounding appetite. Apparently munching down the equivalent of a well-fed hog for dinner and chugging it down with 18 pints of wine.

Now, the really interesting thing about Milo is the manner in which he snuffed it. Walking home one fateful day, presumably after leaving another hog-carcass in his wake, Milo stumbled upon a half-destroyed tree and in an effort to exert his strength upon said tree, attempted to pull it clean out of the ground. Much to the amusement of the tree, his hand became wedged inside of the various clefts and splinters and with no way of getting out, he was devoured by a variety of snarling, rabid beasts.

Now, where on Earth did he leave that blunt pen-knife?

Always remember...'Go for the eyes!'


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