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I Wish I Could Make An Autonomous Decision About Writing About Autism

I’m currently writing some copy for a website about sufferers of Autism and my God its boring.

Most of it has consisted of writing about various laws and acts that most people have never heard of, and to be quite frank, would never want to hear about.

We’re talking the kind of ‘Action Plan’ that the Government has sent out to local authorities to ensure that Autism sufferers in their area get the best possible care. I think we should just give Autism sufferers a free pass to local casinos so they can go Dustin Hoffman on their asses and count cards all day, that way they could earn as much money as they like and spend it on services they want.

Wait, did Dustin Hoffman have Autism in ‘Rainman’ or was it something similar yet still equally bleak?

Anyway, turns out that there is actually a scheme in play that allows people with Autism to spend their disability allowance in the way they deem fit. Its called the Direct Payment Scheme and it allows Autistic people to ‘trade’ the services offered by their local authority for hard cash that can be spent on what they want.

Now, I don’t want to be cynical, but I hope someone is regulating what these guys are spending their money on. I’d feel a tad aggrieved if I saw someone with Autism strolling out of Argos with an XBOX and a copy of ‘Black Ops’ under his arm.

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